Ms. G's Blog of Links
for 4th grade students

Ms. G

This is Ms. G’s fourth year in Palm Springs Unified School District. She went to Eastern Michigan University and studied math and elementary education. She currently goes to school at the University of California, Riverside. During the school year, Ms. G referees soccer at recess, is the State Testing Fairy,  teaches after school intervention, and runs the talent show in the spring. She likes to read, hike, practice yoga, geocache, travel, make crafts, and hang out with her fat cat, Herman. In fourth grade, Ms. G used to ride the bus to school, struggled with reading, liked to go on bike rides with her parents, and caught frogs in the pond across the street with her little brother.


One Response to “Ms. G”

  1. Mrs goodwin its me Jesus parra from your 4th grade class in cabot yerxa I was with Pedro and Isaiac I can’t believe I found you I really miss you

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